Sheila Gashumba pinned for aborting 2nd baby, also accused of sleeping with God’s plan’s friend

Posted on Oct 01, 2019
By Editor
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Earlier this year in January, rumor came out on social media platforms claiming that motor mouthed Frank Gashumba’s daughter, Carol Sheilah Gashumba had a aborted rapper Fik Fameica’s child but even though she trashed these rumors, new evidence is now proving otherwise.

Apparently, it was being reported Sheila Gashumba got pregnant for but got aborted the child and now 6 months later, new reports are also coming in that she has aborted another child, not for her known Boyfriend God’s Plan but for one of his close friends.

According to “Lugambo” going around currently on Snapchat, Blizz Uganda is being informed how Sheila Gashumba’s former friend under the user name of “Tea Zone” went to a certain snapchat bloggers group and told them about how Shiela has aborted again.

She claims that this is one of Sheila’s deepest secrets, including how she has aborted twice and also how she is sleeping around with Gods Plan’s friend especially whenever God’s Plan flies out of the country for his business.

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