Musician Maureen Kabasiita in a Bitter Fight with Husband Captain Kasami Over Child Custody

Posted on Nov 26, 2021
By Kiggundu Abraham
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"Akasengejja" hit singer Maureen Kabasiita is currently on medication as well as nursing wounds following a bitter fight with baby daddy, Captain John Kasami whom she shares an 8year old daughter. She has spilled all family secrets.

The curvy singer has been in a romantic relationship for the past 10 years with the proprietor of Waterfront Beach in Entebbe where they are blessed with a beautiful 8 year daughter.

However, to cut the story short, Kabasiita and Captain Kasami had till then separated bedrooms and houses as the singer accused the army man of domestic violence in addition to torturing her daughter with his homosexuality acts.

During an exclusive interview with a blogger in town, Kabasiita has revealed how she was thumped to capacity after visiting her hubby in a bid of taking over their daughter's co-parenting duties for some days away from him.

The songbird has shockingly revealed how her request to take her daughter away from her dad landed her into a forest of punches thereby being left to fight for her dear life.

Kabasiita has called upon the relevant bodies fighting for women's rights to intervene and help the girl child since she isn't ready to let her daughter get spoilt by her dad's moral decadence.

She says that apart from being gay, Captain Kasami tortures her daughter to the fullest as he organises parties were he hires campus girls and recruits them into homosexuality.

Despite opening up a case file about domestic abuse in the Family and Child Protection department at Entebbe Central Police station, Kabasiita says she hasn't been helped by the law enforcers who are bribed by her baby daddy so as to dance to his song tunes.

It must be noted that apart from curtailing her from her daughter, Captain Kasami has already ordered Maureen Kabasiita to vacate his mansion where she has been residing for the past 10 years.

Check out the video below;

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