Faded Singer Michael Ross Gets Baptized and Dedicates His life to Christ

Posted on Jun 14, 2021
By Sean Musa Carter
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The 39 year old RnB, Pop and Afrobeat singer Michael Ross Kakooza has re-dedicated his life to Christ and got baptised, renewing his faith and encouraging others to remember God.

Through his Facebook post, Michael Ross explained that he had endured a great deal of challenges, that “really made me think twice about my life,” he said.

“I thought about my life and where I want to go – spiritually. I’ve been saved for a while, but just haven’t been serious with the Lord. This time around, when all these things happened to me, it had me thinking twice about life,” he went on.

“I said you know what, I have to get myself together. I have to get my relationship with God straight. That is when I decided to re-dedicate my life to the Lord.”

Thanking all those who had supported him throughout the process, Michael urged that one of his major priorities today is getting to “know the Lord better.”

“Being Saved is one thing, and having a relationship with God is another thing. So, I was Saved, but did not have a relationship with God. I am going to make sure I build my relationship with God, and to be honest, its beautiful. It is an awesome experience. I believe everybody should have this kind of experience. I believe everybody should have a relationship with the Lord, so that you can see the plans He has for you,” he stated.

Watch the baptism video below:

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