Exposed: The List of the Top 20 Most Drunkard Celebrities in Uganda

Posted on Sep 20, 2019
By Nasa Tushabe
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Top 10

When we talk about celebrated personalities in Uganda, the list is endless as many Ugandans tussle it out to make the top gig as a celebrity and struggle to keep it up to the top. It must be noted that one is celebrated basing on his or her social, political or economical effect to the well being of the society.

Below is a list of celebrated persons in code 256 who possess a deplorable state of alcohol dependency and are normally marauding in the dark after over boozing making g a fool out of themselves.

1. Honourable Ken Lukyamuuzi (The man) This mouth watered politician is a former Lubaga South parliamentary legislator who clearly understands the political game and highly intelligent when it comes to debating issues concerning public interest. Famously known as the man, Honorable Lukyamuzi can drink most of the beers left in the bar and forget that he didn’t leave any penny for home use.


Grace Nakimera. She is a Ugandan musician, dancer, composer and song writer who is good at pop, rock and dancehall music and is well known for the ‘Ani akumanyi’ music hit that brought her to limelight featuring Gatimo and Paragon. Despite the fact that she is doing well in the music industry and at the same time a business woman, Nakimera rarely misses a meal minus liquor and has an evening boozing club that she formed up with friends that turn most of the beer bottles empty by dawn.


Alex Ndawula (Dj Alex). If you have been following Uganda’s deejaying and radio scene for the past decade plus then the name Alex Ndawula doesn’t come to your mind as a surprise. He is one of the veteran spin masters who currently retired from the music game at Kampala’s English based radio station capital Fm and the radio DJ is a good friend to liquor who used to have a bad day in office while on air doing what he did best minus being drank. Though he is a retired from his darling deejaying job, Alex can’t do without beer.


Gerald Kiweewa. He is one Uganda’s finest kadongo kamu musician who has done the local music version from the late 90s but is getting worn out because of over drinking. Kiweewa articulates good messages to his target population in his Kadongo kamu songs but because of drunkenness, he has reached to the extent of fathering kids without his conscience.

5. MC Kats. He is an entertainer, TV presenter and an Mc who is currently engaged to Ugandan songstress Fille Mutoni and the former NTV EXPOSED and currently doing his trade with NBSTV AFTER 5 evening show, Kats has reached to the extent of fathering many babies in Kampala to unknown women and is having a big task of providing help to the little laces and lads.

6.  Cindy Sanyu. She is one Uganda’s best female artists majoring in Afro-pop and dancehall music. She can sing, dance and a songwriter but the 27 aged artist associated to Blue*3 is a good friend of beer who recently broke up with her European lover Mario after drinking up his bar to nothing.


Sheebah Karungi. She is the best female artist the country has per now currently in the coke studios Africa but when it comes to drinking beers and wines, The TUNYWE hit maker makes no mistake who accompanies the drinks with shisha to go crazy.

8. Zari Hassan Ttale. She is Uganda’s number one socialite who is well known slaying and extravagant life she has grown up in after get engaged to the former Rich gang boss the late Ivan Ssemwanga but Zarinah, the lovers became party animals and till now, Zari can’t have miss a day minus boozing.

9. Mark Mukunja (Beat fm). The Endobeso sensational presenter cannot do work minus some beers on his head that is why his eyes are ever reddish and the Beat Fm’s presenter is posted with scars all over his body due to the constant falls and accidents he succumbs to after boozing.

10. Red Banton. He was once a selling artist in the early 2000 and many were very optimistic that the outdated singer had a way to go but as of now he is a daily drinking officer often kept in police cells because of Kawunyemu.

11. Omulangira Dausi. He is a veteran radio Mc and presenter one of the best in the country as far as making media commercials but one can easily identify him because wherever he goes, he has to be in possession of a bottle of Uganda Waragi.

12. DJ Nimrod. The Club Amnesia spin master and Galaxy Fm radio presenter is struggling for fame in all corners as booze leads him to the windward side ending up making a lot of babies from unknown women within Kampala city.

13. Bebe Cool. Being a Muslim is a deterring factor for the DEDE hit maker from emptying beer bottles and the Gagamel CEO can’t do anything minus booze despite the fact that he is still on course with his music projects.

14. Phina Mugerwa (Masanyalaze) Popularly known as Uganda’s Shakira for her soft shaking waist, the latest we last heard from the singer is that she had formed up a club of drinkers who she leads to make Kampala’s drinking points empty.

15. Pallaso. The Team Good Music CEO Pallaso Mayanja is so good at emptying the bottles. Before going to the stage, he must take some a number of them first.


Jose Chameleone. In October 2008, the Leon Island CEO broke his legs when he fell through the window of his room on the third flow of Impala Hotel in the Tanzanian capital of Arusha because of booze and till now he moves with his spirits and cigar to make his life complete.


Jennifer Full Figure. She was in July 2014 arrested and locked up at Katwe police station for stabbing her niece with a knife a one Aula Nankya accusing her of refusing to buy her beer no wonder till now she operates in bars.

18. Abdul Mulaasi. No wonder the once promising Kadongo Kamu singer with popular hit songs like ‘swimming pool’ that brought him to limelight can no longer stand by his talent and to sum it up Abdul is having a deformed belly all because of booze.

19. Ragga Dee. Popularly known as Daniel Kazibwe, the Ugandan musician considered one of the veterans is very active when it comes to drinking luckily he has a lot of business ventures to sustain his life but he drinks so as to live his life.

20: Tamale Mirundi. He was almost committing murder at Kampala based local radio station Simba Fm when he attacked the premises with a fully loaded pistol to discipline a presenter who was fond of mimicking him in his radio show but all was due to the influence of booze.

No wonder, Uganda is ranked the leading alcohol consumer in Africa!

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