"Will You Marry Me?" - Madly in Love Grace Khan Proposes to Kojja Kitonsa

Posted on Sep 20, 2019
By Kiggundu Abraham
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For some good weeks now, rumours had been making rounds that Kojja Kitonsa and singer Grace Khan chewed each other and the confirmation was yet to be ascertained. 


However, during the traditional herbalist's birthday crush party celebrations, the former Da Nu Eagles singer surprised revelers at the occasion when she made it official that Kojja Kitonsa was the real farmer taking care of her thigh garden.

Grace Khan could later confirm the rumours as reality that she was deeply in love with Kitonsa after deciding to move on from the stressful relationship she endured while still with ex-boyfriend and singer Jordan Luzinda.

We have managed to collect for you the pictorial moments about how it went down as Grace Khan proposd to Kojja Kimbowa.

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