Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata's Life Achievements, Most Memorable Moments, Property, Wives and More

Posted on Dec 05, 2020
By Sean Musa Carter
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The late Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata had one of the most interesting and most followed life styles in Uganda but not everyone knew this about his life. Our team here breaks down Muzata's Life with all you probably didn't know about his life before his death.

Here we break down Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata's Life Biography Profile and all you need to know about this Islamic Leader.

Muzaata Batte was born in the 1950s, to the late Adam Muzaata in Bwaise, Lufula Zone close to Kimombasa. He was fathered by Adam Muzaata, a Sheikh and an Islamic healer who used the Quran to heal people.

Sheikh Muzaata's Wives:

It was alleged that Muzaata’s first wife was a daughter to the late Bujirita, but after some time, the two separated. Muzaata has been married to his two wives; Qurusum Muzaata, who works with the Kampala Capital CIty Authority (KCCA) as a clerk.

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Muzaata's Education:

Sheikh Muzaata went to Bilal Islamic School Bwaise. His father started teaching this the holy Quaran at seven years of age. He studied for only a short time at Bilal, and his father shifted him to Bilal Quran Islamic School, former Binyira, in Wandegeya. His former classmates said that he was a clever boy in class, he could read Arabic words correctly.

Muzaata Businesses:

In 1982, Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata Batte finished his studies and then joined the University of Madina in Saudi Arabia, where he has ordained a Sheikh. On his return, Muzaata started doing business and preaching the word of Allah.

He then established a tour and travel company destined to Mecca and Medina for the Muslim intending to make Hijja and Umrah, a business he still runs.

Untill the time of his death, he has been the head of da’awa, Kibuli faction and Muzaata revealed that for one to hold such a position, one must possess a degree in Sharia Laws, aged between 40-70 years and without any criminal record.

Muzaata's Rise to Fame:

Muzaata attacked Musician Eddy Kenzo as he expressed disgust calling him a gay man and a ‘Semyekozo’ which simply means a play boy for reasons of not being able to legally marry off Rema. Kenzo didn’t take take this lightly and Ofcourse responded and blamed Muzaata for disrespecting him in front of his young Daughter ‘Aamal’ whom he fathers with Rema.

In May 2015, Muzaata attacked Katiikiro accusing him of Ettofaali. Ettofaali project was instituted by Katikiiro of Buganda Charles Peter Mayiga purposely to develop the Buganda Kingdom, which according to Muzaata was a useless programme for Buganda.

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