"I used to eat cockroaches for food"- Faded producer Diddy narrates his life story

Posted on Aug 15, 2020
By Sean Musa Carter
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Producer Didi was once the biggest creative music producer in Uganda but now he is struggling to even get food to eat and here he narrates hiw life threatening story of how he used to survive on cockroaches.

While speaking to NBS TV UnCut show, the “My Miss” producer disclosed how he reached an extent when he lacked food to feed on for a period of three days while locked up in his own house.

"When I was locked up, I searched for cockroaches to feed on them. By the way, cockroaches are rich in proteins, I was even taught that. I proved it and it is very true.

Don’t ever allow to be or go hungry when cockroaches are there moving freely. For real, collect, wash, and chew them. However, you don’t have to move a lot so that you can maintain your energy and also don’t exhaust yourself and you shouldn’t also overthink but I didn’t eat them though I was about to feed on them."- he narrated.

Watch the Video Below:

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