Brown Sugar Puts Together a Shocking List of All Her Debts for Sipapa to Pay, See Here

Posted on Jul 11, 2020
By Kiggundu Abraham
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Singer Brown Shugar and city money bags Sipapa's wife is in total dilemma after being dumped by the music promoter and we have managed to pile up for you the list of debts currently causing depression to the singer.

Through a live social media feed, Brown Sugar opened up how she is totally down to zero, hunger stricken, homeless and lacking anything to survive on thereby regretting the day she fell in love with Sipapa because he isn't the real man she used to adore after dumping her for worldly treasures and happiness.

Below is the list of debts that are currently giving Brown Shugar sleepless nights;

1. 2,400,000 shillings borrowed from Kwewaayo Savings Group- Kireka for clearing rent when her landlord Mr. Mayinja chased them after failing to pay rent for 6months. (400,000 per month).b

2. 1,780,000 shillings a hotel bill (Chez Johnson Hotel- Kabalagala) where they confiscated her phones & all her other belongings.

3. 1,200,000 shillings- rent for Shugar's Collection a shop that was situated in Kireka. Sipapa ordered for closure of the shop that was owned by the singer when she was in the hospital (Rehab). All the stock including Jewelry, Bags, Mannequins and makeup were confiscated by the landlord.

This totals up to 5,380,000 Uganda shillings and apart from being disappointed by Sipapa, Brown Shugar is seeking for help from long time lover to clear the debts and live a new life once again.

Watch Her Video Crying Out Below:

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