Juliana Kanyomozi, Eddy Kenzo and Mun G are Illuminati, claims Apostolic Church

Posted on Sep 08, 2019
By Editor
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The Apostolic Church world wide has claimed that singer Juliana Kanyomozi is an Illuminati siting examples and occasions where Juliana was seen in such acts. we are going to bring to you the unedited detailed post which was found the page of Apostolic Church world wide. We are not sure if what they are saying are true or just false allegations, For that reason there fore, we are not going to confirm them or be against them but let you read the whole info and decide on your own if its true.

EDITION PART 2 B Juliana you know very well how the devil forced you to sacrifice your son Keron? And of course that was supposed to cement your fame forever and keeping you at the Top of the celebrity in Female Artists in Uganda by giving blood of your own child. Juliana don’t fool people, anyway you may fool others but you will not fool them forever because the Truth has come up to be known by everybody and therefore you must accept it, your tasks are not far from Irene Ntale’s tasks, but also you are to cause the Spirit of Lust and Lesbianism in people who are your fans and as well as those listen to you. Therefore you know very well that as an Illuminat member you are supposed to keep sacrificing in order to keep your Fame and your songs being loved by everyone. 

Actually those powers of the evil Spirits that are attached to your songs have forced people to Love your Music. Eddy Kenzo, You know very well that you are a homosexual and you are a wife to someone who sodomizes you and the doctor who works upon you people we know him and everything will be exposed in the third edition, Kenzo was given the task from the devil to recruit the youth to Homosexuality and this has been doing it and he has managed to use his hair cut called Stamina hair cut style which was invented to spread homosexuality and now look at the Ugandan Youth because they have copied the same hair styles that are leading them into homosexuality because of the forces that are attached from underground that was given by Eddy Kenzo, you realize, Kenzo wears are like for homosexuals and they have got so many things they have passed through Homosexuality that is including trousers that are normally folded down and at the back they are big, they seem as if someone has defecated in them when they are being worn by those youth and certain group of artists . 

Kenzo being in Ambition Mission Ambassador he is fulfilling his tasks of recruiting the young boys in homosexuality acts. Kenzo has been tasked to recruit from schools like primary schools, secondary schools where they have gone and given bangles and Hand Kerchiefs, and other related Items and the people have been encouraged to cut the hair cut of Stamina by cutting the sides and leave the upper Hair to promote homosexuality. Kenzo you know very well you are supposed to sacrifice Human beings to the devil and your Families have been entered into the covenant and whenever the Devil wants blood they will always look at your Family to sacrifice and you will tell people about the recent death of Your Mother. Therefore Kenzo you are a full Member of Illuminati.

MUN.G you know very well, the day you joined Illuminati I knew about you and you people have joined to get Money and Fame in order to Promote Homosexuality in Uganda and in the Youth and the young Boys who are Loving your Music. You are also part of Ambition Mission simply because you are Illuminatis and of course Illuminats use fellow Illuminats to promote Illuminats Groups to destroy what ever is Godly and that is what Satan has done, through Illuminats and you also sold your soul for the sake of being Fame and getting Money and you turn into funny things at Night with other fellow artists which can turn into snakes, Cats and the earth worms when going Underground.
This is the Voice of the Youth and this is not my Voice but the voice of the true God warning all who have engaged themselves in the ambition mission. God is seeing everything and now it has been revealed to save the generation of Youth and next generation.

Parents warn your children about haircuts, bangles and other related items because those Items are putting you into covenant of Satan and of the Illuminats be to sacrificed any time and your blood be consumed, counsel your children, mothers talk to your young Children and you would save yourself and also the child’s life, this is about the type of dress codes they wear because most of them are copied from the Artists like Ntale Irene, Juliana and others. Sit down your children and warn them from taking part of Ambition Mission. And parents mind about where you take your children for studies because most of these schools have joined Illuminants to keep sacrificing your children from those schools. So always pray for your Children before they Go back to school and even continue praying for them even at Home, never cease from praying for your Children.

School owners, school head Masters and other teachers related , do not allow the Musical Artists who are coming to hold shows for promoting Ambition Mission in your school because once you have allowed them, the Spirit of homosexuality and Lesbianism would have entered the school and the children will be now rebellious to do all sorts of evil things in schools and you will find that a person who came innocently to study has been entered into evil Spirit world and she will eventually become either a homo or Lesbian. So taking this warning if your schools get defiled by the homosexuality Spirits and Lesbianism Spirit and change our children Moral Behaviors instead of changing them to study and attain what they are supposed to do. For sure you shall be answerable to all questions because you will be the ones parting with the Ambition Mission to kill our children. You too have got students and children don’t be surprised to find your child involved in the act of homosexuality or being a lesbian and therefore a victim. So I tell you now don’t allow the activities of Ambition Mission.

Message to the Government;

Dear Parliament of Uganda, do all possibilities to investigate this Ambition Mission Group being promoted by the Uganda Musical Artists to our Young Children and the youth to deceive them in helping them to achieve their dreams by becoming stars like Artists and this has been happening, they go to the University and also primary school, and as well as Secondary Schools but their Agenda has been known and they are promoting Homosexuality and they have go doctors in Mulago Hospitals who give them cotton to work upon the victims of the people engaged in homosexuality, Lesbianism, and also they have got a false Pastor in Kenya who weds them , so that’s how extent it has been taken to destroy the youth in Uganda.

The reason for this Youth Target is that in Uganda the youth have no employment and the big percentage are un employed therefore this has created the opportunity for the devil and his agents to bring something very easy by promoting their Homosexuality plans to the youth and entice them with gifts to register and join it and the people behind this all are cults and are part of the Illuminats and of course the Youth are joining simply they have nothing to do and they end up joining things they don’t know. I write to you the Government of Uganda and the people concerned in the Posts of higher decision body, try to create Projects that will build the Youth and get them employment as part of the Government task, remember that the youth are the Foundation for the next generation of course and once they have no better future build up that is not firm they will be vague and engage themselves in things that will not build Uganda and hence that is a Failure of the government to take right steps in building the Future of the Youth and this will continue to allow wickedness like homosexuality and Lesbianism’s in the country and of which all these are Blaspheming God’s creation and promoting Satan fruitless deeds hence the curse will be upon our country and we shall loose peace in the End. I advise you to take the right task now. And save your future generations of your old Age because if you don’t make it now, it will be impossible for you.

In conclusion the Ambition Mission has no clear objectives and this is a Group being Sponsored by the Illuminats to destroy the generation of the Youth and hence the future of Uganda because the Youth now are the next Foundation of Uganda Government and other important aspects, the Ambition Mission are hiding in the motto of saying I am not tobacco and this is very senseless because Tobacco is not the issue, As Uganda we have got so many things that have got Issues like Alcohol, homosexuality, Lesbianism, and other things, the Ambition has deceived people like the youth especially to say I am not tobacco and have promoted something that is very dangerous than tobacco and that’s is homosexuality.

Now you the Youth understand what Iam telling you and you shall save your people and the Family and become the good trees for the Future and the Artists you are following are already in Illuminats and have sold their souls to the devil and the devil wants t capture your Souls and eventually be sacrificed and end up In Hell with the Devil those are some of his tricks. Now let me ask you what does the Bangle has to do with realizing your dreams and what the phone makes you to realize your dreams of being a doctor or an accountant and other things that will build up your future. You can see those bangles and what so ever they are distributing to you are not adding any value to you except to destroy you from your Future and only putting Your family members of bein

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