Zuena regrets talking about KCCA renovating taxi park now, Fans roast her beyond burning point

Posted on Mar 26, 2020
By Sean Musa Carter
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Bebe Cool’s wife and baby mama Zuena Kirema is currently in fear after testing the wrath and anger of Ugandans on social media after them attacking her fully.

Zuena came out with a suggestion about the Kampala old taxi park renovation by KCCA during these two weeks (14 days) lock down following the presidential directive to halt all public means of transport over coronavirus, this morning, the old taxi park in downtown Kampala was empty.

The usually busy transport hub had no activity at all something many had never seen. After looking at the photos and videos, Zuena made an innocent suggestion to KCCA to swing into action and renovate the park since it will remain like decongested for the next 14 days.

"KCCA now that the old taxi park is empty, don’t you think you should use this chance to renovate it? They can use fewer people to avoid congestion hence to reduce the spread of corona & if need be they can camp there till they’re done. Just thinking"- she posted.

After receiving a backlash, Zuena tried to defend herself through a second post;

"Allow me shade some light on my previous post.

1. The taxi park is not a big project like construction of roads that take a longer period of time to get constructed so time is on our side.
2. Few workers can be used to do the job.
3. The few workers at work can decide to camp there in order to minimize movements hence not getting in touch with contaminated people.
4. The workers at work should include the constructors, cooks & a few necessary resources.
5. I am aware that funds just don't show up in a fortnight but am sure something can be done.
6. This will be a good time for workers to make some money because 90% of Ugandans are jobless at the moment.

Ugandans let's stop always putting people down & calling them names,if you're not ready to side with someone just don't comment. I made the post knowing very well that we are supposed to all stay home,don't remind me of that. But there are other procedures that can be taken to get some work done.

Lastly please thank me for occupying some of your quarantine time."- Zuena added.

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