Faded singer Phoebe Nassolo spills secrets of how they used Evelyn Lagu to steal money from M7

Posted on Mar 24, 2020
By Kiggundu Abraham
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Ever since singer turned actress Evelyne Lagu was admitted on her death bed suffering from heart and kidney problems, there is been a lot transpiring from closed doors but finally, the door is wide open and secrets are unfolding on the Blizz news desk like no more.

The latest is a war of words which many have termed as financial greed as faded musician Phoebe Nassolo has teamed with Spark TV presenter Mama Africa to accuse events promoter Balaam Barugahara, Delta TV's Pillow Talk show host Sophie Love and a one Ritah Penny of combining to block their share on Evelyne Lagu's presidential offer.

Apparently, before President Museveni's intervention to take care of the bedridden Evelyne Lagu's worrying health, it has been a combined effort of single mothers and widows mention Phoebe Nassolo, Mama Uganda, Sophie Love and Ritah Penny who have been hustling for aid to ensure Lagu's survival.

However, Phoebe Nassolo accordingly became surprised to hear that Sophie Love and Ritah Penny had teamed up with Balaam Barugahara to feast on the presidential handshake he offered to cater for Evelyne Lagu's bill at Nakasero Hospital without their know how.

Phoebe Nassolo during an exclusive interview with the gossip president Josephat Sseguya has decried Balaam Barugahara as a self centered and evil man who couldn't do such a thing of capitalising kn their sweat of fighting for Evelyne Lagu's life and dumped them when he got the opportunity of getting the presidential handshake just like that.

"We are here but so pissed off with Balaam, we want to unmask his dirty moves, he is so taken up by walkovers," briefly stated the disgruntled faded singer Phoebe Nassolo.

"Caz we have offered personal aid to our sick sister Evelyne Lagu for the past months as single mothers and widows...collecting food and all the necessary help. So after crying out for help from city tycoons and the Fountain of Honour himself then Balaam has just come in and blocked our opportunity from getting the presidential handshake," lamented PhoebeNassolo during a TV interview.

Blizz Uganda has however learned that it was Lieutenant General Prossy Nalweyiso who intervened in Evelyne Lagu's worrying health after reading about her situation in the papers and then after sought financial help from the president.

It is then that 'Omuzukulu omukulu' Balaam Barugahara was called in to make sure that the singer could be identified where she was and then after transferred to a better health facility, Nakasero hospital.

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