Shocking List of All Men that Have Chewed Cindy Sanyu's Sumbie Before, Unbelievable

Posted on Mar 18, 2020
By Kiggundu Abraham
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Singer Cinderella Sanyu Muyonjo finally has a man of her life in the Prince Charming Joel Okuyo Atiku but do you know the men who have chewed her sumbie before? Here we have the full list including those who chewed in secrecy,

The search seems to be over for the celebrated regional dancehall genre music goddess as after a number of disappointments, singer Cindy sanyu has finally found true love in a 36year-old TASO Counselor, Actor, Videographer, Former lecturer at UCU and all in all a Prince in her Kingdom, Okuyo Joel Atiku.

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However, Blizz Uganda has managed to compile a list of men that have feasted on the juicy thigh garden of the "Boom Party" singer in the past and later broke her heart.

1. Mario Brunette

This was Cindy Sanyu's first cut and no one thought that the Italian businessman could end up in a 'hit and run' dumping the singer after fathering a daughter with her (Amani).

The couple could end up their ties bitterly in the courts of law in a custody battle over their daughter, Amani.

2. Ken Muyisa

Following her break up with zungu lover Mario, musician Cindy went on to date South Africa based Ugandan footballer, Ken Muyisa.

It was the worst betrayal as Muyisa ditched singer Phina Mugerwa, the baby daddy to her son Sandton Muyisa for another artiste Cindy Sanyu and the two enjoyed a great relationship for one full year before she left him citing unavoidable circumstances mention the fact that they weren't compatible as she accused Muyisa of being a hard to go man.

3. Vampino

When Vampino released his song, "Kuwako", he said it was a dedication to dancehall musician, Cindy Sanyu given the too much crush he had for the vocal queen. Rumors could later go viral alleging how Vampire and Cindy were dating after the "Kwekunyakunya" singer revealed publicly how he wanted to have a baby with Cindy. "I want a baby with her," he revealed.

Till then, we still wondering why the little chemistry between the two musician never materialised as they even failed to carry out the practicals as it was expected.

4. Byaxy

He is another celebrity figure whose worrying closeness to the Kingherself made headlines to the extent of revelers insinuating that Bwaxy and Cindy were an item. Their affair was reignited when Cindy and Bwaxy settled down for the 'Bukolomoni' music collabo hence leaving concerned in-laws deep in mixed feelings.

Let has hope that Cindy's new affair with Prince Joel Atiku Okuyu isn't just a stunt probably as the later were shooting a music video.


Who is Joel Okuyo? Everything you need to know about the man Cindy Sanyu is engaged to (VIDEO)

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