Hassan Ndugga Makes a U-Turn, Dumps NRM and Gets Back to People Power

Posted on February 20, 2020
By Kiggundu Abraham
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Barely a month after crossing to the NRM ruling government from the famous People Power opposition pressure group, pro-change musician Hassan Ndugga has finally made a U-turn and is back to his roots in People Power.

The renowned Kadongo Kamu singer Hassan Ndugga way back revealed his primary reason for joining National Resistance Movement (NRM) and dump People Power was to become rich thereby scoffing at his critics as empty tins that are capable of making anarchy given the fact that they had never given him even a single penny, including Bobi Wine apart from praising me yet he didn't want to die poor.

Ndugga is one of the artists who have been singing revolutionary songs that criticise president Museveni and his regime for not delivering services to Ugandans and was introduced to President Museveni during great trek walk by the government chief whip Ruth Nankabirwa as a new political concert.

In an exclusive TV interview, the "Omugugu' singer revealed last Wednesday 19th how he had been enticed to make a U-Turn from NRM by the top hierarchy of the People Power opposition pressure group after promises of rectifying the irregularities that had forced him to dump the much popular youthful political movement.

Ndugga related his return to a narrative of a married woman who goes on to dump her marriage and run back to her parents home until her woes are settled no wonder he is back to kick start from where he stopped.

Blizz Uganda has learnt that following an extra ordinary meeting of the Kadongo Kamu country music singer and the top hierarchy of the People Power opposition pressure group led by MP Bobi Wine, Ndugga was persuaded to come back home after convincing to work on the issues that had forced his way out mention financing his music career mention recording music and shooting videos in addition to throwing down a few concerts for him in South Africa and Dubai so as to make some money.

"While in People Power, I was doing sensible music projects but lacked promotion and all my works were being faulted hence dumping the pressure group and seek refugee in the NRM ruling government. I got a lot of criticism especially from social media in-laws but had to test if my royalty to People Power was being valued something that I have been proved wrong following a meeting with the pressure group's top command.

The have promised me enough music empowerment mention recording audio and visuals in addition to holding a few music concerts in South Africa and Dubai among others." Hassan Ndugga.