Understanding the bitter war between Full Figure and her alleged real family, why she hates them

Posted on Jan 29, 2020
By Sean Musa Carter
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Different people have been coming out to claim how they know the real family of singer Jennifer Full Figure but she always kept pushing them away, now this this man identified as Lukube Gerald also claims to be Full Figures brother.

Appearing in an interview on different TV Stations, Gerald claimed to be Full Figure's real brother who wants to see her sister return home and in hus statement he made it clear that he is tired of seeing hus sister suffer with no real family.

Gerald also stated that Full Figure's real name is not Nakangube as she states always as she has a different name.

"Full Figure is my real sister, I am redy to go for a DNA test because i know we share the same blood. Our father died last year in 2019 and we want to hold a final vigil for him but we want our sister to also be there, we lost her when she was still a kid"- Gerald claimed.

Now while appearing on a local TV show for an interview, Full Figure has trashed these allegations saying that they are just baseless from her haters trying to bring her down, particularly Mafias planted by Bajjo Events.

Full Figure - Bajjo Events

"I knew my real mother, she died when i was still young and she told me that my father had died when i was still a baby, I grew up with so many different families including Maama Fiina and many others, that man is just being used to bring me down.

I am ready to sue this man and i get more money for spoiling my name. Bajjo has been trying to fight me ever since I left People Power but he won't get anywhere. I have my father now President Museveni so i dont need anyone else"- Full Figure nailed the statement.

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