"Stop asking me for money, Museveni didn't give me a single coin"- Big Eye cries out

Posted on Jan 16, 2020
By Kiggundu Abraham
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Stressed up with the too many phone calls from family, friends and relatives demanding for a share from the presidential handshake, singer Ibrahim Mayanja alias Big Eye StarBoss has revealed how his meeting with President Museveni yielded no fruits as he didn't receive any penny from the Commander-in-chief.

After months of enduring with absolute poverty given the fact that he was unemployed, the Ndi Single singer had to stage his bottle pelting goons to seek the president's sympathy and attention during the NBSUNCUT one year anniversary something that paid off as he was invited to State House to dine with 'Taata Natasha'.

Big Eye has revealed that apart from reminding president Museveni about the money he was still demanding from the 2011 presidential campaigns and some of the challenges in the music industry and youth tga need redress, he didn't get any financial package as many were insinuating.

However, he is positive of receiving some millions from the Fountain of Honour and has promised feast with his close friends once his bank account is updated but for now, they need to wait since his financial status at the moment is not good since he is no longer working.

“Goodmorning fellow Ugandans, Ever since i met the president of Uganda HE YOWERI KAGUTA MUSEVENI on 3rd Jan 2020, am recieving between 150 and 200 calls everyday from people asking me for money which has put me in stress. My people its true i met mr president but what i talked to him about was my money which i worked for in 2011 presidential campaigns of which i have not yet been paid.
I also talked to him about a few things the youths & musicians in Uganda need to improve their standards.
Honestly i dont have money bambi ate nga mukimanyi sikyaakola. When i get it i will call you my close people and give you something.
Big Eye StarBoss

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