Zari speaks out for the first time after showing King Bae's face, attacks 'haters' trying to compete

Posted on Jan 05, 2020
By Kiggundu Abraham
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Many may think that being a successful businesswoman and a socialite admired by many people on the continent is just a mere joke but South African based Ugandan beauty queen Zari Hassan Tlale believes its just hardworking and commitment, she has stated this while scoffing at her haters trying to bring her down.

The development comes after the Beauty with Purpose from Busoga region has come out to advise fellow women through her New Year's message to mind about working for a good living instead of always breaking their backs running after rich men for material wealth.

According to Zari Tlale, men now days woke up when it comes to relationships as they no longer make mistakes to run after broke or unemployed chics as they prefer the hardworking that won't give them a lot of headache as far as sustaining their lives during romance.

At just 39 and a mother of 5, who recently broke up.with Tanzanian music star Diamond Platnumz, Zari is such a good example of a good to go lady to fellow women given the too much hard work she puts in to endorse businesses and cater for her family needs as well as her entire whole no wonder she believes fellow women should borrow a leaf from her in this new calendar year.

"This thing of showing us LV, Guuci bags, breakfast in hotels, business or first class with no jobs should stop. What are you telling the young generation? That they need to break their backs for material stuff? 2020 is a time to empower gal child With Love Zari," Zari Tlale has said through her Instagram official account.

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