List Of The Top 20 Best Ugandan Hit Songs Of 2019

Posted on Dec 29, 2019
By Kiggundu Abraham
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Top 10

Below is the list of the top 20 Best Ugandan hit songs of 2019:

20. Ebyalagirwa by John Blaq:

He is not only a new kid on the block but also his charisma and dedication to proving his worth in the creative industry has indeed spoken volumes. Produced by Bryan Beats, 'Ebyalagirwa' is one of the main stream hit singles for the award winning artiste that has enabled him register a successful year musically.

19. Squeeze by Fille and Voltage Music:

Squeeze has suey been one of the biggest collabos of the year, it has been played so many times and surely one of those timeless jams that will leave to stand the taste of time.

18. Semyekozo by Eddy Kenzo:

Even though "Semyekozo" might come out late, it has surely been Eddy Kenzo's biggest song of 2019 with massive airplays, contraversy around it and being with  a big following.

17. Inabana by Eddy Kenzo ft Harmonize:

After taking Uganda internationally as far as music is concerned, Eddy Kenzo made a groovy collaboration with Harmonize for the second time after Pull Up. Inabana collabo made it to be one of the popular audios of the year after garnering over 2million YouTube views just like that.

16. Sweet Sensation by Sheebah ft. Orezi:

Orezi released his highly anticipated single 'Sweet Sensation' in September featuring top Ugandan female artist Sheeba. The song was produced by TYMG, and mixed and mastered by MillaMix.

15. Boom Party by Cindy Sanyu:

Self-proclaimed queen of dancehall Sanyu has had a successful year with the release of hits such a 'Copicat' and 'Boss', but it was 'Boom Party' that stood out. She has also scooped several nominations at major music awards in Uganda. 

14. Hullo Hullo by King Saha:

Baked and produced by the talented Nessim, Hullo Hullo by King Saha is a soothing love song that has tremendously mended broken hearts and strengthened relationships. Though critics likened it to his 'Biri Biri' hit song thereby criticising him for no work done, we have to give credit to this musical lover boy for dropping this big tune in 'Hullo'.

13. Do Dat by John Blaq:

Produced by T.O.N, Do Dat by John Blaq received a positive reception from revelers no wonder he was the biggest winner at the Buzz Tenniez Awards. The way he wrapped his soft voice around the rap lyrics not forgetting his special way of tongue twisting the articulation of words made this audio so special.

12. Silwana by Sheebah ft Carol Nantongo:

Silwana, Literally meaning "I don't fight," desperate females mostly those with broken hearts have been in love with this master piece band musicians Carol Nantongo teamed up with TNS Sheebah Karungi to settle in the lyrics with love.

11. Sure by Vinka:

Swangz' Vinka started off our year 2019 when we were very 'Sure' before she could go on to sign a global multi-album recording deal with Sony Music to join other African Stars like Wiz Kid, Davido and Alikiba.

10. Anjagala by Maro:

"Anjagala"  both the original with Maro alone and the remix with Feffe Busi have both been very big songs of 2019 with Maro even getting ready to stage a concert at Mestil on the 2020 Valentines day.

9. Nkuloga by Grenade Official:

The celebrated muzinyi and former TNS singer has also had a successful year with a few hit singles including 'Nkuloga'. Produced by Ronnie of Sweet Sound Records, Nkuloga has also taken on revelers throughout the year with most especially love birds to the extent that the singer managed even to secure a collabo with British duo WSTRN to do a remix.10.

8. Sikikukweeka by Daddy Andre:

From enjoying his debut as the first Ugandan producer at the Coke Studio Africa in Nairobi, Kenya to releasing top charting projects like 'Baby Papa' and 'Trumpet' among others, Daddt Andre has been another revelation of a singer cum producer in the year 2019 with Sikikukweka as his biggest song.

7. Makanika by John Blaq:

Produced by Daddy Andre, 'Makanika' was another bomb shell from the fast rising artiste that really proved that the African Boy was here to suffocate all the artistes in the industry with a new blend of music and mature lyrical ability.

6. Bango by Rickman x DT Timo:

Having started 2019 on a big side, Ebango played for almost full 8months of the year with no breather making Rickman one of the biggest musicians in this year, The song topped countdowns and it played almost everywhere in the country,

5. Chikibombe by Levixone:

Like Pastor Wilson Bugembe, Levixone is still doing his job of spreading the gospel to revelers through music and now Chikibombe was the biggest. Last year was lit when he dropped Turn The Replay, and arguably 2019 has also been a big experience for the gospel musician.

4. Omusheshe by Spice Diana x Ray G:

Omusheshe has been the biggest collabo of the year playing in different parts of the country since Spice Diana teamed up with Western Uganda's Ray G.

3. Parte after Parte by Big Tril:

It is Big Tril's break through song and its not debatable, it has wrapped up our 356 days with love as the hottest song on the African continent.

2. Wire Wire by Bebe Cool:

2019 has been a successful year for the Gagamel Music Band CEO as he has treated his fan base with a number of hit songs mention 'Easy', 'Nkuliyo' among others but outstanding of all has been 'Wire Wire' a love song whose lyrics and beat really forces one to dance flow whenever its sounded. As we await for the Bebe Cool list, hopefully he doesn't bother missing out in the queue.

1. Gutujja by Rema ft B2C:

With songbird Rema Namakula featuring the boy group B2C in this slow-tempo romantic love song, it is indeed the collabo of year 2019 leaving aside scooping nominations at Zzina and AFRIMA awards and winning big at the Buzz Teeniez Awards.

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