Manager Francis Finally Lets Go of Fresh Kid, Gives His Final Word

Posted on Dec 05, 2019
By Kiggundu Abraham
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It's officially the end of the road between Da Texas Music Management and fast rising young rapper Patrick Ssenyonjo alias Fresh Kid UG as his former management has mutually agreed to terminate the minor's contractual obligations.

Following the 8-year-old rappers’ parents termination of his contract with De Texas Management through their lawyers, Onyango and Company advocates, critics were eagerly awaiting for what next from Manager Francis Kamoga given the fact that he hadn't been served nor reached to a consensus with the other party to end business with the 'Banteka' singer.

Manager Francis’ contract termination was surprisingly done on social media after Fresh Kid’s dad – Paul Mutabaazi disclosed how the manager of the rapper breached his son's contract they signed earlier last year by failing to account and remit for the money collected from Fresh Kid’s stage performances.

Having been served with the contract termination papers on Wednesday, Manager Francis has held a presser where he has mutually terminated his contract with Fresh Kid UG.

Manager Francis has pledged his entire support to MC Events (Fresh Kid UG)'s new management however asserting that his business with the minor will be concluded after accomplishing all the music shows most especially those that he had booked in December 2019.

Because of his good will, Manager Francis Kamoga is not ready to go to court to arbitrate their indifferences with Fresh Kid's parents after all he had a running contract with the minor that wasn't honored but is ready to give in his whole to see to it that Fresh Kid's talent doesn't fade up.

"As De Texas Management, in good faith we have officially honoured Fresh Kid's parents move to terminate his contract with us and we are ready to work with him incase need arises.

Though his parents tarnished my reputation, I have forgiven them and at I'm at good terms with them. I will be there to give a helping hand to Fresh Kid's new management in case need arises," Manager Francis Kamoga has said during part of his presser.

Check out the video below.

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