"These mafias are scaring away foreign investors"- Self proclaimed tycoon Jack Pemba speaks out

Posted on Dec 04, 2019
By Kiggundu Abraham
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As President Museveni is expected to lead the country in the Anti Corruption Walk on Wednesday 4th December in a move aimed at raising awareness against corruption, city socialite and money bags Jack Pemba has made a statement by revealing the fact that mafias are still existing in the country hence scaring away investors.

Pemba is appealling to the government of Uganda to stop fraudsters mention Bosco, Andrew and Enock that are impersonating internal security organs like ISO, CMI and SFC to threaten and rob money from investors on gun point.

Apart from famously being known for involving in a luxurious spending spree in city hang outs and various happenings, the Tanzanian born British national has a lot of investments in code 256 that make him glued in the Pearl of Africa at most occasions though many think he is here to show off by spending like no more.

Having been robbed of millions of shillings by the so called Ugandan security operatives Andrew, Enock and Bosco who disguise as police officers to steal from investors, Jack Pemba has vowed never again to be conned of any shilling from the later who reach to the extent of threatening him of being arrested if he doesn't comply with their terms.

It must be remembered that Jack Pemba has a gold mine in Mubende district, a coffee farm, security company and a sponsor of the Miss Uganda World Pageant Competitions but however he is disgruntled by the corrupt and greedy moles in Uganda and the East African region at large that are failing the economic development by scaring away investors.

Check out the video below:

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