MC Kats cries like a baby after Toyota Uganda confiscating his car and demanding for 3Million

Posted on Nov 06, 2019
By Kiggundu Abraham
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Hook or crook we have to go with the fact that TV personality MC Kats wasn't born on Sunday given the endless troubles he is encountering in alphabetical order.

From losing his part time gigs in a sequence of months from Fame Lounge to Pearl of Africa Hotel, though he is currently reunited with a baby mama songbird Fille Mutoni, Kats too needs spiritual healing.

News coming in is that the NBSAfter5 co-host is back to foot patrolling after his ride, a Harrier was confiscated by Toyota Uganda Car company for damaging their customer's car.

Last weekend, Kats scratched a tycoon's ride as he reversed from Wave Lounge back home thereby taking issues so lightly by failing to negotiate with the owner the car. Unlike Kanyamunyu who is alleged to have finished off Akena in style, the tycoon decided to hand over the matter to Toyota, the company where he bought his ride and Traffic police resulting in the confiscating of Kats Harrier.

Now the celebrated city events emcee is crying foul play after understanding that he will have to pay a huge fine for his mess on the tycoon's car since it was still under warranty.

"Toyota this is Thuggery Ugandans
So on Saturday Scratched
Some Dudes car as i Reversed
It was a small scratch lucky enough there was apolice officer and
@waveloungeug security and manager saw it
So this guy has combined with
@toyota @toyotauganda
To Robe me
How can you ask 3m i mean
Three million shillings 
@toyota Really
Plse help share it to whom it may concern," MC Kats has shared on his social media.


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