“Lwasa Brought a Girl to My Bed and Chewed Her All Night As I Watched”- Angel Narrates

Posted on July 03, 2024
By Sean Musa Carter
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Masaka businessman Emmanuel Lwasa, the flamboyant tycoon known for his lavish lifestyle, has been exposed by his estranged lover, Angel Akankunda for chewing another woman in her bed while she watched, she was even pregnant but he didn't care.

Angel claims that Lwasa has dramatically denied ever bearing his child, attributing the tragic loss of her pregnancy to a mysterious abortion.

Angel's story is nothing short of a soap opera. She revealed in an emotional interview with Kasuku that Lwasa's neglect left her in a dire situation during her pregnancy. According to Angel, the businessman, who once showered her with affection, abandoned her when she needed him the most.

"I don't have Lwasa's child," Angel declared, her voice tinged with both sadness and frustration. "I lost his pregnancy to abortion, and it was all because of him. He forgot about his responsibility, and I even lacked a place to sleep. I turned to begging from friends for survival, something which in the long run affected the pregnancy, hence losing the child."

The allegations paint a stark picture of Angel’s struggle, as she described how she had to rely on the kindness of friends to make ends meet while battling emotional and financial instability. 

As the drama unfolds, the public is left to wonder about the real story behind this tumultuous relationship and its heartbreaking consequences. One thing is certain: this tale of love, neglect, and loss is far from over.

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