Kataleya and Kandle Reveal Why they Rebranded to ‘K and K Music’ and Why the Silence

Posted on June 14, 2024
By Sean Musa Carter
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After a long silence away from the music industry, Kataleya and Kandle returned to the spotlight, introducing their new brand, "K and K Music" after separating with Theron Music management, now they have revealed the bitter truth of what happened.

 The dynamic duo, known for their vibrant tunes and engaging performances, surprised fans with fresh music and an exciting collaboration with Vinka which dropped upon their return.

In a recent interview with Galaxy TV, they revealed that internal conflicts with their previous management were the primary reason behind their temporary retreat. 

Much like any business, the artists faced significant misunderstandings, prompting them to step back, refocus, and lean on their families for support.

Despite these setbacks, the pair expressed sincere gratitude towards their former management. They acknowledged the pivotal role their old team played in their rise to fame, helping them navigate the challenges of the music industry and achieve initial success.

Reflecting on their journey, Kataleya and Kandle admitted that not everything went according to plan. However, they remain optimistic and grateful, channeling their energy into new ventures and exciting projects ahead.

Watch the interview below: