“No Man in this Industry Has Ever Begged to Chew Me for a Collabo”- Lydia Jazmine

Posted on June 13, 2024
By Sean Musa Carter
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Celebrity Gossip

Singer Lydia ‘Jazmine’ Nabawanuka has addressed the issue of sexual harassment within the music industry, a problem her fellow female artists have frequently encountered.


In a candid revelation, Jazmine shared that she has never personally experienced sexual harassment in her career. She acknowledges, however, that it is a significant issue many female artists face, with numerous media personalities, producers, and male artists being accused of demanding sexual favors in exchange for career advancement.

"I have heard and seen people in the music industry who are asked for sexual favors to progress in their careers, but I have not been a victim. The reason is that I have always had a team behind me, my management handled everything so I would just show up to the studio," Jazmine stated.

The “First Born” hitmaker attributes her fortunate situation to her dedicated team, who ensure her safety and handle all professional dealings, allowing her to focus solely on her music.

Jazmine’s advice to emerging female artists is clear and empowering. She cautions against falling prey to exploitation, emphasizing that genuine talent and hard work will eventually be recognized without the need for compromising situations.

"I want to tell all the girls out there starting their music careers: let no one use you. If it’s not your time to shine, no amount of exploitation will change that. If you are really talented, put yourself out there and collaborations will come. Be patient and put in the work; don’t expect too much too quickly," Jazmine advised.

Her comments come in the wake of a series of tweets by fellow artist Zafaran, a Swangz Avenue singer, who publicly called for male artists to maintain professionalism when working with female musicians.

Watch her speak out: