“My Lawyers Wanted to Arrest Flavia Mawagi For Abusing Me Live On TV”- Caroline Marcah Spills

Posted on June 06, 2024
By Sean Musa Carter
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Celebrated media personality Caroline Marcah has opened up about some of the struggles she has gone through in the industry including how she nearly arrested singer and TV presenter Flavia Mawagi for abusing her and her family live on TV countless times.

Speaking out during an interview with a local YouTuber, Caroline Marcah, said that her journey has been challenging including some of those moments that truly angered her.

She said that a few years back she quit hosting a TV show at Spark TV, a show she had scripted and presented to the station, unfortunately a few months later after quitting the station, she was attacked by her successor, Flavia Mawagi.

Flavia reportedly started attacking her and MC Kats during the show, to seemingly gain viewership and following which displeased and sought legal recourse which attracted the attention of various organizations she had worked for like Uganet and the World AIDS Commission among others.

“My lawyers compiled all evidence and they wanted to arrest that girl, she attacked me, my son, my family and even my close friend MC Kats, things went so out of control that even Spark TV suspended her for 2 weeks”- Marcah stated.

Fortunately, Flavia Mawagi’s boyfriend, Selector Williams, intervened, reached out to Marcah, and urged her to drop the case and forgive and forget.

Watch her speak out below: