Rumors of Precious Remmie Giving Birth Fill Up Social Media, Fans Left in Worry and Prayers

Posted on May 10, 2024
By Sean Musa Carter
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After disappearing from social media for days, rumor started making rounds that media personality and actress Precious Remmie and her husband Raymond Bindeeba had welcomed their first child together after an emergency surgery, raising worry.

According to these rumors swirling around, they originated from a short video clip that wass making roundsof them two in the hospital with the baby and Precious Remmie’s first born child Prince from another relationship.

Some were claiming that she gave birth to a premature baby after things went so badly off that she had to get operated on, but all this is just in rumors as nothing has been confirmed yet.

Precious Remmie and Bindeeba have been married for two years and fans had already put them on pressure to give birth. She has talked about it and said she feels bad to be pressured. as she even hid her pregnancy not until few months ago.

Precious Remmie hasn’t said anything about giving birth but with the videos circulating it is true she has given birth.

Watch the viral video below:

We will keep you updated once she posts anything about it on any social media platforms.