“I Have Been Taking Care of Fille for a Full Year, Even Took Her to Rehab”- Kenzo Replies MC Kats

Posted on April 15, 2024
By Sean Musa Carter
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A few days ago, Edwin Katamba aka MC Kats came out and aired his grievances against Eddy Kenzo, alleging the latter's reluctance to collaborate with Fille, but now Kenzo says that he already recorded a song with her before taking her to rehab.

Eddy Kenzo has swiftly responded, shedding light on the situation and debunking the accusations.

MC Kats, a prominent figure in the music industry, took to various social media platforms over the weekend to express his frustration with what he perceived as Kenzo's unwillingness to work with Fille on a music project.

Reportedly, when approached by MC Kats, Kenzo redirected him to his manager Beta, who handles such matters on his behalf.

"I have spent an entire year taking care of Fille at the Federation. Even as we speak, she is somewhere in the hospital being taken care of so that she gets well. I don’t know why he (Kats) made such statements." _ Eddy Kenzo

Feeling unappreciated and disappointed, MC Kats made his discontent public, sparking a debate among fans and industry insiders alike. However, Kenzo wasted no time in addressing the claims, offering a different perspective on the matter.

Contrary to the accusations, Kenzo clarified that Fille has been under the management of UNMF for over a year, emphasizing the federation's dedicated care towards her. He revealed that Fille has been battling health issues, rendering her bedridden for nearly two months. Throughout her ordeal, UNMF has been actively supporting her recovery, leaving no stone unturned in ensuring her well-being.

Kenzo expressed his confusion over MC Kats' allegations, highlighting the efforts made by UNMF to support Fille during her challenging times.

Watch his interview: