What Happened to Brig Gen.Stephen Kiggundu? Why the UPDF Air Force Deputy Commander Was Found Dead in His Bathroom

Posted on April 01, 2024
By Sean Musa Carter
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The Uganda People’s Defense Force (UPDF) Air Force is in mourning following the sudden death of Brigadier General Stephen Kiggundu, who served as the Deputy Commander. The tragic news came to light on Easter Sunday, as Kiggundu was found deceased in his official residence in Entebbe.

Kiggundu's passing has sent shockwaves through the military community and the nation at large. The Defense Spokesperson, Kulaigye, stated that Kiggundu had been in good health throughout the day until the unexpected incident occurred in his bathroom. However, the exact cause of his death has not been disclosed.

Brigadier General Kiggundu had a distinguished military career, marked by notable achievements and leadership roles. Prior to his appointment as Deputy Commander, he served as the commander of the Soroti Air Force wing, demonstrating his commitment to excellence and service to the nation.

In November 2022, Kiggundu's career reached a new pinnacle when he was promoted to the rank of Brigadier General and appointed as the Deputy Chief of the UPDF Air Force. His tenure coincided with challenges faced by the Air Force, including resource constraints and aviation accidents resulting in the loss of experienced personnel. Together with his superior, Gen Charles Okidi, Kiggundu worked diligently to address these issues, leading to a reduction in such incidents.

As news of his passing spreads, tributes and condolences pour in from colleagues, friends, and members of the diaspora-based Ugandan community. Social media platforms are flooded with messages honoring his memory and highlighting his contributions to the defense of Uganda.

While details regarding Kiggundu's burial arrangements are pending, the nation prepares to bid farewell to a dedicated leader and patriot. A

s the UPDF Air Force mourns the loss of one of its own, Brigadier General Stephen Kiggundu's legacy of service and commitment will continue to inspire future generations of military personnel.