Nollywood Actor Ramsey Nouah Attends Comedian Patrick Salvado's Father's Vigil (VIDEO)

Posted on March 27, 2024
By Sean Musa Carter
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Nollywood icon Ramsey Nouah joined Ugandan comedian Idringi Patrick Salvado at the vigil for his late father. The event, held to honor Salvado's father's memory, became a moment of solace amid the family's grief.

The news of Salvado's father's passing earlier in the week cast a pall over not just the comedian, but also his loved ones and fans alike. However, Nouah's presence at the vigil offered a glimmer of comfort and strength to Salvado and his family during this trying time.

Nouah, revered for his contributions to Nigeria's vibrant film industry, made the journey to Uganda alongside fellow actors Nancy Isime and Osita Iheme. While their original visit was intended to partake in the prestigious 2024 Ikon Awards, where they were slated to celebrate entertainment achievements, their priorities swiftly shifted to supporting Salvado and his family.

The trio's decision to attend Salvado's father's vigil underscores the profound bond of friendship and solidarity that transcends geographical boundaries and professional obligations.

Watch the video of the vigil below:


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