VIDEO: Azawi and Ray G Almost Beat Up Eachother on Stage Over Who Should Perform First

Posted on December 24, 2023
By Sean Musa Carter
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During the recent Comedy Store UG Showt held at University Inn in Mbarara, Swangz Avenue singer Azawi found herself under fire for disrupting the carefully curated performance lineup and wanting to go before Ray G who was supposed to be on stage.

A social media storm ensued after Azawi reportedly disregarded the established order of performances, sparking a heated exchange with fellow artist Ray G. The incident unfolded as Azawi boldly took the stage out of sequence, leaving Ray G visibly displeased.

A viral video circulating on various social media platforms captures the tense moment when Ray G confronted Azawi backstage and later on stage. Despite Ray G's pleas to adhere to the scheduled lineup, Azawi persisted, even seeking validation from the audience before proceeding with her unscheduled performance.

Ray G, given the stage after the impromptu act, didn't hold back in expressing his disappointment. He took the opportunity to highlight the broader issue of artists from Kampala seemingly sidelining and disrespecting regional talents.

The incident has ignited a firestorm on social media, with netizens quick to criticize Azawi for what many perceive as a selfish disregard for her fellow artists. Critics argue that this episode sheds light on a prevalent problem within the music industry, where artists from the capital city often receive preferential treatment over their regional counterparts.

The unfolding drama has prompted discussions about the need for equality and respect within the music fraternity, urging industry stakeholders to address the systemic challenges faced by regional artists in gaining recognition.

As the social media frenzy continues, the spotlight remains on Azawi and the broader implications of this incident, raising pertinent questions about the dynamics of the Ugandan music scene and the ongoing struggle for parity among artists from different regions.