Bebe Cool Reveals Real Reason Why Alex Muhangi Stopped Staging 'Comedy Store' at UMA, URA Closed the Venue

Posted on November 30, 2023
By Sean Musa Carter
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For months now, Ugandans have been wondering why Alex Muhangi stopped holding his weekly Comedy Store Shows at UMA Showgrounds Lugogo and instead started holding 'Comedy Club' at Lazio Bar in Kololo, now singer Bebe Cool has stressed how URA is responsible for this terrible set-back.

Rebranding itself as Comedy Club. Since its relocation from UMA Showgrounds to Lazio Bar and Restaurant in Kololo back in July, the comedy hotspot has become a hub for artists, socialites, and a diverse array of comedians.

However, beneath the laughter lies a silent battle between Comedy Club CEO, Alex Muhangi, and Uganda Revenue Authority (URA), as revealed by none other than the charismatic Bebe Cool during his performance last night.

Bebe Cool, a regular face at Comedy Store events, expressed his dismay at Muhangi's alleged tussle with URA, suggesting that it may be the driving force behind the venue shift from Lugogo to Lazio. The renowned Gagamel singer not only voiced his concern but issued a warning, threatening to launch a war against the government if the comedy show is not restored to a larger venue.

"I'm in pain because Alex left the big venue, but it's still okay to be at Lazio. We still need comedy to go on," Bebe Cool passionately declared during his Wednesday performance.

Bebe Cool

The singer went on to highlight the economic impact of Comedy Store's previous location, emphasizing the employment opportunities it provided to numerous individuals at UMA Showgrounds. Bebe Cool urged President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to intervene before tensions escalate further.

In a direct message to URA, Bebe Cool reasoned, "It’s only common sense that when Alex comes in like this, he gives so many people a job. Thousands of people earn from comedy, so when you stop it because you want money as a government, that’s a mess."

Bebe Cool's plea for government intervention comes amidst the debut of a new comedy show, 'Stress Clinic,' which has already taken over the recently vacated venue. The inaugural show, held yesterday, saw the attendance of top artists including Eddy Kenzo, Sheebah, Keko, and Pallaso.

As the comedy scene in Kampala experiences this unexpected twist, fans and industry insiders await the government's response to Bebe Cool's impassioned plea, hoping for a resolution that allows the laughter to continue echoing through the halls of Comedy Club.