Is this Really Cindy Sanyu's House? Full Truth About this Viral Mansion Making Rounds

Posted on September 20, 2023
By Sean Musa Carter
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Yes it is true, singer Cindy Sanyu is building her personal House along Entebbe Road but is it true that the one in photos and videos going viral? Well here we have the full truth and the number of houses she owns so far including Mega Hotels in Mbale and Arua.

For days now, social media has been covered with photos and video clips of this Mega-mansion with claims that it is singer Cindy Sanyu's House but the truth is, this house is said to belong to a certain business lady and it is located in Wakiso district.

Cindy hasn't claimed the house as hers yet, you know? Her supporters are posting about it to show that Sheebah isn't the only one with a fancy mansion in Munyonyo. They had a big showdown at a concert in Kampala on September 15th, and now Cindy's fans are trying to prove a point.

But here's the thing, the mansion doesn't actually belong to Cindy like everyone thinks. So, whose house is it then?

Well, this house that's being talked about is actually in Mukono Municipality. It was built by Abbas Construction Company Limited during the lockdown. Can you believe it? They managed to finish it in September 2022.

However, currently Cindy resies in a House in Nakwero, Kira as she is often seen cruising through the neighborhood with her husband Prynce Atiku.

Cindy Sanyu is like, super successful in the music biz and has made mad bank from her tunes as she's made a bunch of smart investments too.

Right before her big showdown with Sheebah Karungi, Cindy spilled the beans in interviews about how she's all about that privacy life and likes to keep her investments on the down-low.

Cindy made a big mistake when she let the media know about the house she built for her mom. She totally regrets that and learned her lesson about keeping her investments private.