The Winner of the Battle: Vocal Ability, Stage Presence, Choreography, Backup Singers and Fashion (CINDY VS SHEEBAH)

Posted on September 16, 2023
By Sean Musa Carter
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The moment Queen Karma, Sheebah karungi stepped on stage at 9pm, everyone immediately noticed how bad the sound was for the whole show despite her incredible sense of fashion, energetic performance and overshadowing backup singers raising question of who won the battle.

Cindy VS Sheebah music battle took place last evening at Kololo Indepence grounds that saw revellers turn up in huge numbers to support their favourite musiciansh, whether Cindy or Sheebah.

The concert had a massive stage set up but horrible lighting and horrible sound design that saw revellers complain throughout until the show ended at 2am.


When performing, it was evident that Sheebah Karungi's vocals were badly damaged as she failed to deliver quality vocals unlike her backup singers that overshadowed her, but when CIndy stepped on stage, despite complaining that her microphone was turned off several times, her vocal ability really proved her being a KING.


Surely no doubt, Sheebah;s sense of fashion proved to be the best as she has led in the industry for the past couple of years, she stepped on stage well dressed like a Queen with a crown on her head, she changed three times but everytime she came back her fashion was on point.

Cindy Sanyu on the other side, had only 1 attention catching outfit, the black and golden one but the rest were her usual stage performing outfits. But she gained points with her entrance for the first performance when she came out of a glowing white box.


I think on this one we have to it out as both artistes proved that they had really done intense rehearsals, they both owned the stage and had well trained dancers.

Their energy on stage was also massive as both artistes thrilled fans from the moment the battle begun till the end.