"Prim Asiimwe and I Are Still Madly in Love, Just that We Hide from the Public"- Alex Muhangi Claims

Posted on July 24, 2023
By Sean Musa Carter
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Comedian turned musician, Alex Muhangi has publicly come out and confirmed how he is still very much munching on Prim Asiimwe's juicy sumbie even though they hide their romance from the public.

All this came up amidst  rumors that the two had bitterly broken up recently due to Alex Muhangi's never ending cheating sprees chewing different babes every night.

However, during a press conference, Muhangi confessed that his Love for Prim is still intact as the two are reportedlys still together.

Muhangi said that since no one was around when they fell in love with one another, it was unnecessary for anybody to get involved in their relationship or pass judgement on it.

"My girlfriend works at NRG. Our lives are different and private. We are not like Sheilah Gashumba and Rickman anytime they are having dinner we have to know no, that is not the vibe at home. We want private lives for both of us because we are different brands and it is not really useful because for me what I believe in is when I was falling in love with her I didn’t ask anyone that I want to fall in love with her.

So why is it their case that we are in love that they should know or come and judge us? You know the world what you present to them is what they will judge. You know how Uganda is so we said it’s okay everyone can do their private things but we good we never want to come out and say we having lunch, this how we slept, this how we lived, no. To other people it adds value probably because social media and staff but to me no I like to keep it private."- he said.