TikToker Madubara Apologizes for Whipping Out His Pencil Sized Cassava During Livestream

Posted on May 16, 2023
By Sean Musa Carter
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A few days ago, we shared with you a video clip of TikToker Madubara who was swinging out his cassava on a livestream, showing a Nigerian woman how his mother moulded him but now he has come out to apologize.

Through another TikTok video, Madubara has begged on bended knees for forgiveness from his followers and the general public for the unfortunate incident.

When Madubara pulled out his wire, many people were left disappointed and have been complaining about it.

This has forced him now to come out and apologize for his actions that he won’t ever do it again as it was just a mistake.

Watch his apology below:

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