"Nince Henry Came to America and Stole my Money, Now USA Embassy is Looking for Him"- Upcoming Singer Claims

Posted on May 15, 2023
By Sean Musa Carter
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A USA based upcoming musician has come out to pin musician and songwriter Nince Henry of stealing his money, the battle has gone far that he has now involved the American Embassy to ban him from ever travelling again.

Appearing on Sanyuka TV for an interview, this upcoming singer has accused Henry of promising to work for him on audios and videos for two projects which he never delivered.

He claims that he no longer wants anything to deal with Nince Henry but he should refund his money amounting to Shs5m that he paid for the second musical project.

The USA-based artist who is now back in Uganda says that he reported the matter to the Ugandan American Embassy in case Nince Henry fails to pay him, he will deliver the recordings and he might get banned from traveling to the USA for ten years. The singer curses the day he met Nince Henry and agreed to work with him.

He admitted to having been conned by Nince Henry on the first music project but he won’t go down without a fight on the second one as he is ready to make it hard for Nince Henry to travel to America again after fleecing his money.

Watch him speak out below:

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