Kojja Kitonsa showers Grace Khan with cash on stage, She gets out of control and throws hot love at him (VIDEO)

Posted on Oct 20, 2019
By Kiggundu Abraham
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Band musician Stabua Natooro last Friday registered a successful music concert at Club Obligato dubbed "Enyweera Sestressinga" as revelers didn't disappoint at all. To crown up the evening were cozy moments as city lover birds singer Grace Khan and music manager Kojja Kitonsa caught revelers attention like storm with the traditional herbalist going on to pour his entire heart and soul to the 'Wakyuka' singer.

Despite making it official that they where seeing each other, the CEO Kitonsa Events and Herbal Group had for last times been in sort of hiding to the extent of confusing the public about his exact stand as far as legalising his b0nking sessions with the former Da Nu Eagles singer.

While on stage performing her 'Njakufa naye' music audio, Kojja Kitonsa had to swallow his pride and hit the stage to give Grace Khan a lot of money as a sign that her message in the song had been taken home.

"Wanji Baby..Wanji..Baby...­Baby show them your wallet..show them your wallet," Cried out Grace Khan to Kojja Kimbowa.

She also went to her social media and posted; 

"My mwami you gave me alot of money thank u kojja kitonsa i really Appreciate You!! Thank You So Much", she posted.

Check out the video below:


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