"They Used to Call Me a TikTok Artiste But Now They're Begging Me to Promote their Songs"- Liam Voice

Posted on April 04, 2023
By Sean Musa Carter
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Having risen to fame during the Lockdown period, many branded Willy Zisabusolo as a TikTok artiste and influencer whose music would not go past the lockdown, now he has clapped back to them as they are reportedly begging him to promote their music on the same platform.

Through his Twitter account, Liam Voice who refused to mention names stated that his career was a labelled as a joke when it started but now they are looking up to him.

The ‘Dear Ex’ singer is not happy that some of those that didn’t give him much faith as he hustled his way through the music ranks are now begging for his support.

"What a shame, artists who used to call me all sorts of funny tags in form of lowering my ambitions, are now the same people asking me to help them push their content & sounds on TikTok, so you are all forgetting them days when you used to take me for granted saying I’m not a singer am a TikToker, when you all said I won’t go far beyond the lockdown and that’s all you prayed for, some of you went even far to disrespecting me in all sorts of funny ways on radio stations & tvs throwing negatives on my music instead of advising and helping me grow, I was just a small boy in a big arcade. Mbu kati mubyelabide."- he tweeted.

He then added; "For the love of Ugandan music wama bro I won’t mention anyone bcoz I don’t want to lower anyone like they did to me, all I request for is that they should change, instead of lowering the young talented kids down atleast let them not talk about them, it hurts seeing a grown up person whom you would see as an example, standing firm on tv putting down a kids dream. Sorry my English is not so good hope u can understand"