VIDEO: Diamond Platnumz Gets a Snake for a Pet, Fans Worried Its On Orders of the Devil Worshipping Cult

Posted on Jan 20, 2023
By Sean Musa Carter
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For some years now, rumor has been going around claiming that Tanzanian singer Chibu Dangote aka Diamond Platnumz is a devil worshipper, fellow musicians also accused him but now after acquiring this snake for a pet, many are convinced it was on orders of the devil worshipping cult.

Through his social media platforms, Diamond Platnumz, Zari Hassan's ex lover and baby daddy posted a short video clip of him holding a snake.

" Have been always excited to have my own snake as a pet ❤️🐍... guys meet my new Friend #Chichi "- he captioned.

However, everyone got their own interpretation of the situation with others raising concern about his inner soul.

Not long ago, a Tanzanian musician called Baraka The Prince took to Instagram to accuse Diamond of being a devil worshipper.

According to Baraka, Diamond and his mother, Mama Dangote have been using black magic to become successful in life. The singer has revealed that he would soon come with evidence to his claims about Diamond and his mother.

“Aisee Watanzania Ndugu zangu Tuweke pembeni leo Ushabiki Maandazi na tutumie hekima na ubinadamu na busara uyu @mama_dangote mama yake na @diamondplatnumz ni mama wa ajabu sijawahi kuona Duniani . Nakuja na story soon kwanini nimeandika hivi ndugu zangu…”

Now Watch this new video below:

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