Don MC Kapata Bitterly Exposes the Dark Team at Entebbe Airport Running Everything with Bribe

Posted on Jan 19, 2023
By Sean Musa Carter
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Singer Don MC Kapata has bitterly exposed the corrupt team at Entebbe International Airport and how they treated him, leaving him loose millions and a deal he was travelling out to accomplish.

Through his social media accounts, Don MC recalled missing a flight at Entebbe Airport because he didn’t pay a UGX 3,675,000 bribe they were asking for.

Don Mc revealed that the airport is full of ignorant, incompetent, and corrupt officials who make travelers miss their flights owing to their greed.

Recently, he said, even though he had the necessary documents, some of the officials in Entebbe requested $1,000 USD before letting him travel.

When he refused to heed their requests, they did all within their power to ensure that he misses his flight.

"Entebbe airport Is full of Ignorant, arrogant, Incompetent, corrupt….. beings …These guys’ main Job is to make travelers miss their flights.

Recently I missed my flight because I refused to give them 1000 dollars they asked for so they could allow me on the flight whose ticket I already had .

“Oyo alina Sente, waba tatuwadde tajja kujilinnya” one of them told the colleague;with an angry face like a muwuulu who sent transport money to a SURE only for her not show Up.MUTUSWAAZA … MWETELEEZE"- he captioned.

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