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"I will never attack Bobi Wine again, He's a class above and I don't understand a word he says"- King Michael

Singer Michael Mugwanya alias King Micheal has shocked revelers especially People Power opposition pressure group supporters after coming out to vow never again to attack presidential hopeful and sing

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"Bebe Cool is a Lost soul, he doesn't know anything about Politics"- King Michael shoots in the head

Struggling singer King Micheal Mugwanya has cautioned fellow singer Big Size Bebe Cool to think about concentrating on his music career for his well being after all he is only firing blanks in politic

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Miles Rwamiti Spills Musicians' Dirty Secrets, Exposes Who and How They Use Witchcraft to Win (VIDEO)

While speaking live on camera, Spark TV presenter Miles Rwamiti has exposed different Ugandan musicians who and how they use witchcraft to win favors and get money. Rwamiti, the host of Koona on Sp


"Stop making unnecesary noise over a flopped concert"- concerned Ziza Bafana advises King Michael

For a while now ever since the flopping of his Freedom City concert, King Michael aka DJ Michael has been crying for the Public's help but now Ziza Bafana has advised him to stop shedding crocodile te

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