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National Bureau For NGOs Cancels Bryan White Foundation's Operating License

The National Bureau of NGOs has reportedly revoked the operating licence for the ailing embattled city socialite Brian Kirumira, aka Bryan White, the Bryan White Foundation Blizz Uganda has learned.

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"I have seen you before washing bullets and cleaning guns"- Bad Black undresses Bryan White

The angry Bad Black has continued to expose where Bryan White got all his money from and how he was protected by the rebels he now wants to betray. She has given all shocking reasons why Museveni will


Bad Black Uganda Exposes Bryan White's Dirty Secrets, How he Works For Mafias (VIDEO)

Shockingly socialite Shanita Namuyimba alias Bad Black has turned guns at the bedridden faded city money bags Brian Krumira aka Bryan White by revealing how the latter isn't sick as he claims but


Alex Muhangi Remembers All the Money He Chewed, Visits Bryan White

For weeks now, peopl have been pointing fingers at Alex Muhangi and everyone who was once at the Podium to visit and take care of Bryan White and nw Alex Muhangi has responded. Today morning, 23rd

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Bad Black Breaks Down After Visiting Bedridden Bryan White

Socialite and Queen of the Sumbie Vendors Shanitah Namuyimbwa alias Bad Black has on Monday 20th emotionally broken down into tears after visiting the bedridden faded city money bags, Bryan White Kiru

"Bryan White blocked me but I was trying to help"- Chameleone cries out

Speaking out about how he ended up appearing in the leaked conversation between Bryan White and Stella Nandawula, singer Jose Chameleone claims he was blocked by the Podium master. While appearing


"Everyone has their bad sides, Bryan White is a very nice guy"- Alex Muhangi claims

Stand up comedian and businessman, Alex Muhangi has come out in defence of his former boss at the Bryan White Foundation, faded city money bags, Brian Kirumira alias Bryan White by cursing heartless U

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"Bryan White's first wife is suffering, doing a very ugly job to feed her kids"- Miria Matembe spills

Permanent committee of the parliament of Uganda Miria Rukoza Koburunga Matembe has spilled bitter secrets about city money bags Brian Kirumira aka Bryan White and his first wife and kids, including ho

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"Bebe Cool can never bring me down, even if he brings Mafias"- Bryan White laughs out

As Bryan White's battle with rape allegations continue, he has now taken a new bitter twist and involved Bebe Cool as one of the people fighting to pull him down. Through a leaked phone call co

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"Leticia is lying, she joined Bryan White while pregnant"- Mother exposes the truth

"Leticia joined the foundation while pregnant" Mother speaks out. The allegations pinning city socialite Brian Kirumira alias Bryan White on matters of sexual assault, rape, and abduction

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"He is innocent, Bryan White is a Very Good Man"- Mowzey Radio's Sister Ritah Defends

The late singer, songwriter and instrumentalist, Mowzey Radio's elder sister only identified as Ritah has come out solely to defend the embattled faded city money bags currently facing charges of

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"You need to be wise while chewing these men"- Bad Black gives free advise to sumbie vendors

The Queen of sumbie vendors, socialite Bad Black has sent out venomous but helpful tips to girls thinking about opening their flowers for these rich men. Bad Black has unleashed her intellectual le

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"Bryan White chewed my sumbie and gave me receipts, his cassava is big"- Bad Black brags

Renowned city socialite and city thigh vendor Shanitah Namuyimbwa alias Bad Black has scoffed at the girls accusing Bryan White of s@xually abusing them by revealing how she used to parade off her p@s

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Vivian Mutanda & Stella Nandawula's mother testify against Bryan White, Parliament summons him

Vivian Mutanda and Stella Nandawula's mother have testified before the Parliament's Human Rights Committee against Brian Kirumira aka Bryan White, they have immediately summoned him as things

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"Me and Vivian used to fight and beat up each other"- Stella Nandawula speaks about her bruises

Having come out and made it clear to the public how mafias had paid them up to end Bryan White's career, Stella Nandawula, one of the girls that recently accused White of torture, rape, defilement


"We were paid to smere Pupu allover Bryan White"- Stella Nandawula finally reveals all

One of the girls that came out recently to accuse socialite and faded city money bags Bryan White of kidnap, torture and rape, Stella Nandawula has shockingly come out to reveal how they were paid by

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Vivian Mutanda's Mother Tears Apart Her Ex Husband For Demanding Their Child's Rights

"Leave my daughter alone" Vivian Mutenda's mother in a social media feud with her her alleged 'Father',. The alleged mother to Vivian Mutanda alias Namutebi Ramlah, one of the

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"Stop Ashaming Me On TV"- Vivian Mutanda's Alleged Father Comes Out

Father to Vivian Mutanda alias Namutebi Ramlah, one of the girls currently pinning faded city money bags Bryan White of human trafficking and sexually assaulting them has come out to claim paternity r

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"Please help me, they arrested me and want to make tests on me"- Stella Nandawula cries out

Through these leaked screenshots, Stella Nandawula who was whisked away from Bryan White's home yesterday has cried out for help claiming that they are forcing her to make statements and run tests

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Who is Vivian Mutanda? Real Name is Namutebi Ramlah, 21 Years Old Who Sells Her Sumbie in Gaba

Ever since Vivian Mutanda appeared on TV accusing Bryan White of chewing her sumbie non-stop while beating her, shocking information about her has been flooding in and we have it all here for you.

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"Bryan White Used to Dance Us In Groups, 8 Rounds a Day"- 2nd Girl Vivian Mutanda Confesses (VIDEO)

As struggling moneybags Brian Kirumira aka Bryan White is still fighting Stella Nandawula's battle, another girl identified as Vivian Mutanda has come out accusing him of chewing them colombian st

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Stella Nandawula's Best Friend Exposes How Bryan White Uses Witchcraft with Chameleone (VIDEO)

Blizz Uganda has obtained exclusive clips full of confessions of how Bryan White uses Jose Chamelone to abduct girls and use them for witchcraft before raping and using them all kinds of nasty things.

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Who is Stella Nandawula? The Girl Crying in a Video Clip and Accusing Bryan White of Rape

Our team has been digging up trying to find out who exactly Stella Nandawula is and here we have some results including why she accused Bryan White of all nasty things. Video clips and pics were re

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Stella Nandawula Confesses How Bryan White Kidnaped and Raped Her Countless Times (VIDEO)

City socialite Brian Kirumira aka Bryan White's longtime personal secretary identified as Stella Nandawula in a self made confession video has accused him of kidnaping, torture and rape. Accord


Bryan White Stands Up For Jose Chameleone, Promises to Pay URA 120Million Shillings

Faded city tycoon Bryan White has stood up to save his friend and musician Jose Chameleone from URA with a payback of taxes worth 120Million Shillings. As Chameleone is experiencing a shake down fr

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"Now I Have My Own Money"- Weasel Manizo Scoffs at Broke Bryan White

Goodlyfe singer Weasel Manizo has scoffed at the embattled city tycoon Bryan White by posing as the new money bags king after parading off millions of shillings. Once an employee of the latter'


Pitiful Mike Mukula Forgives Bryan White, Releases Him From Jail

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) Chairperson for Eastern Uganda Captain Mike Mukula has finally forgiven and resolved his outstanding issues with embattled city tycoon Bryan White.The Kampala ci

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EXPOSED: Zahara Totto in a Private Relationship With Bryan White

Forget about the Diamond-Zari love project, the latest cozy and romantic pair in town currently is Spark TV’s Zahara Totto and tycoon Bryan White who are busy showering themselves with endless love

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