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Benti Boys Africa is a dynamic music duo comprised of biological brothers who have been making waves in the Ugandan music industry. With their infectious blend of dancehall and afrobeat music, they have captured the hearts of many music enthusiasts and gained a significant following in a short period.


The duo consists of two talented brothers who share a deep passion for music. Growing up in Uganda, they were influenced by the vibrant local music scene and drew inspiration from various genres, ultimately finding their own unique sound.


Benti Boys Africa gained significant recognition after the release of their hit song, "Wanawankya." Surprisingly, the duo never anticipated the overwhelming success that followed. The brothers recorded the song without any expectation. It was only after renowned producer Daddy Andre listened to it and provided valuable input that they realized the potential of the track. Daddy Andre advised them to modify certain phrases and turn the word "Wanawankya" into a catchy chorus. This ingenious adjustment played a crucial role in propelling the song to new heights, making it a trending sensation.

Benti Boys Africa has continued to make an impact with their music, consistently delivering captivating performances and top-quality productions. They have had the privilege of collaborating with celebrated artists in the Ugandan music scene, further expanding their reach and influence. Notable collaborations include joining forces with Spice Diana on the track "Engine Ekyamuke" and working alongside Daddy Andre for the hit single "Nakuwona."

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