Tip Swizzy

Tip Swizzy


Tip Swizzy Biography

Nicholas Mukalazi aka Tip Swizzy is a Ugandan musician whose name he explained is 'Tip is like a hint about something and Swizzy was inspired by a Seventh Day Adventist pastor who used it a lot in reference to today. He was born in Makindye to the late Bruce Mubiru and Nora Nakasi.

Tip Swizzy Songs

  • Mukidongo

    Tip swizzy ft Feffe bussi and Nana Genius

    1797 | 1065

  • Body

    Tip Swizzy ft.Geosteady

    1428 | 438

  • Idege

    Tipswizzy ft Wizkeeber

    2464 | 1016

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