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Elvis Jah


Elvis Jah Biography

Elvis Jah, Original names Kigundu Elvis, the self proclaimed "Fresh King," is a Ugandan Recording artist and Videographer, though he is an artist, Elvis Jah is also a football junkie and he likes playing football in most of his free time, He also likes children so much & sharing with others, This gives him a position in philanthropy,

Before recording his first song, Elvis Jah also known as Fresh King had been working  at Uganda's legendary "Jahlive Studios" in Makindye and that's where he got the enthusiasm of singing after meeting and associating with a lot of well established artists including Tip Swizzy, Eddy Kenzo, Fik Fameika among others. Though he's been at Jahlive studios for some good time, Elvis Jah started recording music in 2019,

 He then did his first single titled "Big tune." in 2020, this song was and still a big club bunger and it can't leave you seated the moment you listen to it,  Elvis Jah has so far  worked with producers like Butar Magical, Delete and Look Pro. Elvis Jah has also associated with a number of artists including Tip Swizzy, Delton Yo, Fefe Bussi, Shon Wyz, Stevo De Dancer, Prince Omar,  Eddy Wizzy among others.

Elvis Jah's music journey seems to be much brighter and more promising because he is much conversant with all the dynamics of Uganda's Entertainment industry since he has so far affiliated with some prominent brands in the industry. 

Elvis Jah(Fresh King) apparently dwells in Munyonyo but he spends most of his time at Jahlive Studios in Makindye.

He is a Recording artist, Videographer and philanthropist.