Ronnie Morgan

Ronnie Morgan


Ronnie Morgan Biography

Ronie Morgan a.k.a Mujungu Ronald is a Ugandan Hip hop artist. He was born on 7th.july.1995 to Mr and Mrs Kikimu of Fort portal Uganda.

He grew up with his family members in Fortportal. 

He went to Musandama primary school, Burambagira secondary school and finally Namutamba primary teacher’s college. He is a professional teacher.

He started the love of music in high school where he started as a dancer and performed on several platforms in and outside school. 

He got inspired by Ugandan rappers like GNL, Rocky Giant and others and thus go the passion to start Hip hop.

After school he recorded his first song “Omulaba” with Dawa/Zivuga

He is currently signed under Onsager music management