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The Good Guyz Entertainment a.k.a The Real Kampala Bwoys Bebalagila - is a talented performing and recording artists trio of Lil K - The Trio President, Wayne Vybz -Vocal soljah and Black ID - The Ragga soljah. They popularly do Afro Dancehall music and are versatile artist due to their epic magical thrills on the microphone.

The trio is the force behind monster dancehall tunes like Ogwekifilika - with Dizzy Nuts (The late R.I.P), The Ones - with Sizza Man (Mukono 11), Kampala City - after which they were named the Kla Bwoyz, I love u so, On my minds, and their latest Ffe Bebalagila among others.

Team Good Guyz Entertainment.

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