Slick Stuart & DJ Roja

Slick Stuart & DJ Roja


Slick Stuart & DJ Roja Biography

Stuart Kavuma and Rogers Kitaka, known as the dynamic duo by their stage names DJ Slick Stuart and DJ Roja respectively are Ugandan disk jockeys and music producers.

What’s your poison? Hip Hop? House? Classics? Reggae? The evolution of a DJ can be seen through the eyes of Uganda’s own DJs Slick Stuart and Roja. With an unmistakable style and unforgettable turntable flair, their domination of the sound system will have you off your seat and on the floor all night long. These Kampalan natives have helped put East Africa’s DJ scene on the map by providing a wide range of specialties towards their craft, whether it is mixing the hottest tracks out, making their own remixes and edits, or providing the visuals for a unique music video set. Music by everyone and for everyone, no genre is safe from DJ Slick Stuart and DJ Roja’s inspiration and no one will be able to resist shaking what God gave them when they take over the DJ booth and fill the club with their distinct beats. They are able to play to a wide range of audiences, whether it is the local crowd, the international crowd, or the always fickle Kampala hip-hop crowd, and they have shown time and time again that they can provide a diverse look into the world of club music.

Slick Stuart & DJ Roja Songs

  • Nze Nawe

    Slick Stuart & Roja ft. Lyto Boss

    2117 | 902

  • Kikemo

    Slick Stuart and Roja Ft. Vip Jemo

    6914 | 4535

  • Kigwa Leero

    Slick Stuart & DJ Roja ft Jose Chameleone

    18680 | 15523

  • Sunday

    Slick Stuart, DJ Roja ft. Allan Toniks

    3990 | 1393