Spice Diana to Donate Half Of Her Wardrobe to Crazy Fan Who Kept Shouting 'I Love You'

Posted on Oct 14, 2019
By Sean Musa Carter
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Continuing with her generosity, singer Spice Diana has promised to give away half of her expensive wardrobe to a crazily in love who showered her love on stage while performing.

While performing at one of her daily gigs, a fan in the crowd grabbed Spice Diana attention as she kept shouting how much she loves her. So Spice called her on stage and asked for her name, the girl replied back that she is called Angella and She loves Spice Diana with all her heart.

Overwhelmed with love, Spice Dian pulled her closer, hugged her and also told her how much she loves her in return. Now she has gone to her social media and announced how she is looking for this girl as she wants to donate half of her wardrobe to her.

"She kept on saying I “I LOVE U “ while I was On stage , it wasn’t enough until she came on stage and she kept on saying it . 😢 I would love to donate half of my wardrobe to this young lady . Help m find her 🙏 tag her 
What did I do to deserve this love. Please I want to know so that you love me harder. Comment below why you love ka Spice " stated Spice Diana.


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