Ugandans Wonder Whether Hilderman Used Copyright Research Money to Make His Own Music Studio

Posted on October 31, 2022
By Sean Musa Carter
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A few months ago, musician Hilarry Kiyaga aka Dr Hilderman who is also the member of parliament for Mawokota North went to parliament and requested for a paid leave to enable him research intensively about copyright but now he has surprised his supporters after parading off a brand new music recording studio.

Hilderman has officially launched “Wokota” studios that he set up in his hometown region which is an investment that the Mawokota North MP promised to set up in an effort to support and empower talents through arts.

The singer stressed that since he is the Arts Shadow Minister, and having faced a lot of challenges recording music when he was just starting out, he saw it fit to help the new generation of artists.

"I have been constructing a modern recording studio at my residence in Mpigi Kalagala. I was so challenged meeting transport costs to Kampala, plus looking for expensive recording fees for a good recording studio when I was beginning my musical journey.

I promised myself that the next HILDERMAN in Mawokota won’t go through hell to realize a big dream. Very Costly, but worth an investment for the talented ones’ home.

Being the Arts Shadow minister I want to be an example to other Colleagues, if we manage to have moderate modern studios, talents undiscovered shall be sheltered. “Content is the next gold”.

Putting final touches and installations. Officially opening in November by..."- Dr. Hilderman posted.