Singers Martha Mukisa Worryingly Close to Baza Baza

Posted on September 15, 2022
By Kiggundu Abraham
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Singers Martha Mukisa and Baza Baza real name, Nyanzi Micheal are reportedly worryingly close raising speculations allover social media.

Rumours making rounds in the last few days and weeks indicate that the two have a more than work relationship and reportedly enjoying 'Meat without bones' tubelessly.

The latter's closeness has left netizens with no choice but to accord Martha Mukisa and Baza Baza with "Uniforms" as the latest celebrity power couple in the city.

Famously known for his 'Onina' lockdown anthem, Baza Baza is a fast rising new kid on the block who hadn't yet gotten involved in bad manners not until he linked up with showbiz Namyekozo and "Bikole" singer.

We shall keep you posted!